Continuous Delivery: A Product Manager’s Perspective




Continuous delivery: a Product Manager’s perspective

28 November 2019


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The continuous delivery movement has been a game changer for businesses, helping them deliver high valuable software at pace, and do so at quality, reliably and efficiently.

However, this can only be successful if we design the right continuous delivery capabilities and then subsequently use them in the right way.

Which is where product management and DevOps - and in fact all areas of the value chain - meet.

In this talk we will show examples of how bringing product management and DevOps together can create amazing synergies and even competitive advantage for organisations.

We will demonstrate that continuous delivery capabilities need to be treated as any other product or service.

We will show that in practice this means bringing product thinking into themix and facilitate close collaboration between product managers and DevOps.

We will also show which hands-on tools can be used to design continuous delivery capabilities that deliver against organisational goals.

Taking a step up, we will then demonstrate how product managers’ work is affected when we use continuous delivery capabilities for design, delivery and operation of end-user facing products or services.