Continuous Testing Approach




Continuous Testing Approach

1 October 2019

New York

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Continuous Testing is the process of building and executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline in order to obtain feedback on the business risks. Then goal is to discover threats associated with a software release candidate as rapidly as possible. It evolves and extends test automation to address the increased complexity and pace of modern application development and delivery.

Continuous testing practice is widely adopted in DevOps and introduced in many Agile environments. In this presentation, you will learn:
- the philosophy and concepts of CT
- the frameworks used
- how CT is integrated with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery workflows
- the automation and reporting tools used in CT
- review sample datasets and generated reports.

Key takeaways:
- Get introduced to the modern advanced testing practice
- Get familiar with test automation and reporting tools used for CT
- Understand how the CT is applied to the whole Software Development Life Cycle and how it benefits business stakeholders
- Learn how to build the CT datasets and how to use reports to prevent bug leakage

About the presenter:

Val Kruglyak has 20 years of experience in IT development and Test Automation. Val was in charge of building and testing an enterprise FOREX platform with clients around the globe, including all aspects of development, architecture, data center, and validation from inception through deployment and maintenance of the product. Val is the Co-Founder and Instructor at IT Pass Learning Center; and he is teaching test automation at Test Masters Academy NYC School.

After the presentation, Test Masters Academy will announce the Grand Opening of professional educational school in New York, that will offer courses for Software Testers and Quality Assurance Engineers.

We invite you to meet the organizers and teachers, learn how our courses will advance your career, ask the questions.

Drinks and refreshments will be served to celebrate. We will have a ruffle drawing for cool prizes.

6:00 PM Networking
6:30 PM Presentation on Continuous Testing approach
7:30 PM School announcement, Q&A, ruffle drawings
8:30 PM End