Core Data & Marketing Funnel




Core Data & Marketing Funnel

6 August 2019


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Having a reliable method of keeping your data uptodate with a web service can be of utmost importance for users, especially when school students do their work on a desktop before using their phone to read the teachers response or give feedback. I’ll begin with a quick overview of the CoreData stack and how it can work with multiple managed object contexts. Then I’ll talk about a method of data syncing with a web service, without blocking the UI, so a data-bound tableView will animate in any changes. I will describe a method for this to work generically with a protocol and associated type.

Ben Manning is lead iOS developer at Firefly Learning where he and another guy work on 3 iOS apps for Teachers, Students and Parents. Outside of app development he does gliding and is an assistant instructor for the UCL gliding club.

8pm: App Marketing Success: Create an App Marketing Funnel
Ludo De Angelis Twitter @ludop0lis

In this competitive world of apps, learning how to structure your marketing plan properly maximises your chance of app success. Come along to this talk where we’ll bring you through a typical mobile marketing funnel to acquire and retain users.

Ludo is a digital marketer specialising in mobile and performace marketing strategy on the App Store through his business, Orto Marketing. He works with a variety of small to medium businesses and has helped craft strategies for apps within the Health & Fitness and AR verticals on the App Store and helps teach Digital Marketing courses at various places across London.