Data Council #2 Meetup




Data Council #2 meetup

3 July 2019


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I'm excited to announce Autotrader will be joining us for the second London meetup to discuss their story migrating their user analytics, to leverage the cloud and recent stream analytics technologies.

The event details:

6:00pm – Doors open, networking, pizza and beer

6:30pm - Talks begin

8.00pm - Networking and final beer

Talk 1:
Building a highly scalable user-analytics platform using Snowplow

Darren Haken, Head of Data Engineering & Operations

Darren is a technical leader with a passion for building high performing teams and creating a culture of continuous improvement.
A software engineer at heart, with a focus on distributed systems and most recently big data platforms.

Auto Trader is the UK’s leading digital automotive marketplace. We receive 60 million cross-platform visits each month, understanding our user's behaviour is critical in creating a platform our buyers and sellers will love.
User analytics is well established at Auto Trader but breakthroughs in the cloud, big data and streaming technologies offer clear benefits above and beyond what we could do today.
This talk describes how we migrated to Snowplow on Google Cloud for our user-analytics platform. Snowplow is an event streaming pipeline that provides many features such as a unified log of your users, event enrichments and a schema registry to enforce data integrity. I'll walk through why we chose to migrate, the overall Snowplow platform, the architectural benefits and how using Google BigQuery and DataFlow has been a huge success for Auto Trader.
This will be a hands on technical talk so do expect lots of diagrams, demos and practical advice.

Talk 2:
How to track and organize your experimentation process

Jakub Czakon, Senior Data Scientist at

He graduated Physics at University of Silesia in Katowice and Finance at University of Economics in Wroclaw. He is a seasoned chess player holding a prestigious International Master title.
He's data driven mentality drove him to machine learning where he worked on various data science projects involving facial recognition, optical character recognition, cancer detection and classification, satellite image segmentation, text mining labor market data and many more. He was a member of the teams that won MICCAI Munich 2015 „Combined Imaging and Digital Pathology Classification Challenge”, won MICCAI Athens 2016 „Pet segmentation challenge using a data management and processing infrastructure” and won crowdAI "Mapping Challenge" competition in 2018.

Keeping your experimentation process organized can bring a ton of value to you and your team. It helps you think, be creative and, in the business environment sleep peacefully. Yet if you ask around best practices are few and far between. In this talk, I will share the techniques that kept me out of trouble over the years.
You will learn what are the must do's, should do's and could do's when it comes to tracking your experimentation process. I will talk about the benefits of viciously recording every idea you try and how it helps to work as a team. You will learn what are the available tools that serve this purpose and how with their help you can organize your work. Finally, you will learn how project organization can help empower you to be more creative, both as an individual and a team member.