Data Science: Becoming Data Driven




Data Science: Becoming Data Driven

7 May 2019


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Join us for an evening of leadership talks on what it takes to become Data Driven. We’re going to delve into the Data world by uncovering some insights from 3 Senior figures within the London tech community. Through this we will understand how the implementation of Data Science can be utilised in order to slingshot an organisations analytics & insights in the forthcoming Data revolution.

Often, we’ve found that companies are so eager to implement Data Science that they neglect core analytics & best practices causing them to be no where near as effective as they can be.

Our 3 partners will be drawing on their experiences throughout their careers and discussing in no uncertain terms, the best ways to ensure Data Science is implemented effectively & sensibly to ensure optimum returns.

This event won’t be a utopian concept that all our partners have successfully achieved this in fully implementing Data Science at every part of their organisation. Instead, each are at different stages and will be discussing openly the failures alongside their successes in their quest to achieve this.