Data Science Institute-Industry-Innovation Seminar




Data Science Institute-Industry-Innovation Seminar

19 February 2019

New York

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Machine learning is changing our world at an accelerating pace. In this talk we will discuss the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on finance, from a perspective of a technology company which is a key participant in the financial markets. We will give an overview of the evolution of several flagship Bloomberg ML and AI projects, such as sentiment analysis, question answering, market impact prediction, social media monitoring, topic clustering and time series analysis. We will talk about practical issues in delivering machine learning solutions to problems of finance with an example of how our social topic classification system was built from concepts to actual product. We will also highlight issues which are critical to the industry, such as interpretability, differential privacy and nonstationarity. We will also discuss some possible future directions for the applications of machine learning methods in finance.The talk will end with a