Data Storytelling Foundations




Data Storytelling Foundations

18 June 2019


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What will we be doing at this event?

This is a relaxed, informal event where we bring together data enthusiasts who love to dive a bit deeper into how the world works. It is aimed at people who want to increase their confidence understanding and analysing data.

We will:
* Practise familiarising ourselves with new data
* Improve how we identify and articulate the questions we want to ask of data
* Work together to analyse and interpret data
* Practise building our 'data stories' and talking about our findings

Who is it for?

The session is for people who have an interest in data and want to improve their data exploration and visualisation skills.

You don't need to be a data expert to enjoy this workshop and you can work in any analytics tool, whether you're a beginner or have been using your preferred tool for a while. Don't forget your laptops as this will be an interactive session!

Don't have much analytics experience? No problem! You can work as part of a group with others who have more experience, as you build up your skills.