December Gophers




December Gophers

11 December 2019


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Hi London Gophers! πŸ‘‹

Winter is coming .... wait, it's totally winter now! β˜ƒοΈ

This month we return to the amazing Lush for our Christmas special.

πŸ—£ Zach Jones - A Leisurely Stroll Through the Go Compiler (with a guide who is as lost as you are)

The Go compiler is bursting with curiosities, and this short tour provides a convenient way to discover all the highlights, from source to executable. Visit Parsing and AST Transformations, tour the endless optimisations of Generic SSA, witness the Generation of Machine Code, and finally end with Linking. Upgrade to enjoy a cream tea at Harrods.

πŸ—£ Alexander Petrov - Approximate string search in a dictionary

In this talk, we will briefly talk about different fuzzy string search techniques, in more detail consider the NGram method and what is more important, we will see how Go efficiently fits for such purposes.

πŸ—£ Roberto Clapis - Practical fuzzing with Go

Fuzzing has been seen for the longest time as a niche tool just for experts or security people to use. This talk aims at demystifying fuzzing for all programmers.
I will start by explaining the basics of automated testing and end up providing actionable how-tos on how to apply them to your daily programming and testing workflows.