Decentralised A.I. Hack




Decentralised A.I. Hack

4 May 2018


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Software is eating the world and internet has become the most important connecting tissue between crowds, organisations and platforms. Artificial Intelligence is eating software that is already consuming the world.. Responsibility frameworks are poorly established and not web native.

Living in these hyper-sensitive times, we are calling for a creative jam session for A.I./ML folks and blockchain developers to come up with proposals/solutions on creating more efficient and fairer algorithms. You are invited to think about and work on:

  • Privacy by design approaches to algorithmic decision-making and harnessing personal data

  • Data ownership and monetisation scenarios that can scale

  • Business model innovation, tokenomics and distributed systems’ design addressing improvement of A.I. approaches 4.New applications benefitting from the overlap of A.I. and blockchain technology

  • A.I. ethics and frameworks to integrate it within existing systems

  • A.I., blockchain and policy: human organisation through technology

  • Client side applications and edge computing

  • Federated learning instances addressing specific problems

Winner projects will be chosen by direct voting depending on

  • Working MVP/Demo

  • Addressable problem size

  • Economic viability

The Hack is co-organised by Ntropy Network, Decentralised Computing Consortium and the Blockchain Connector.

DCC aims to be a network of experts, world-leading universities, tech companies and social enterprises. The goal of the consortium is to be a collaboration mechanism in order to foster innovation and drive adoption of decentralized computing. Our work is centered around research projects, collaboration between academia and businesses, public events and innovation competitions to raise awareness, exchange ideas and develop new industry standards.