Declarative Domain Modeling




Declarative Domain Modeling

14 November 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

A use-case in Datomic Ions/Cloud with Tiago Luchini

In November, Tiago Luchini will present a timely deep dive on Datomic Cloud and Ions to follow up Rich Hickey's September presentation on Ions!

Declarative programming is a programming paradigm where problems are solved by expressing properties and structures of the desired solutions without describing how to achieve them.

In this talk Tiago will walk through a Declarative Domain Modeling approach that empowers developers to focus on describing domain elements while leaving implementation considerations to be taken care by dedicated functional frameworks.

The talk will explore the concepts supporting this approach while being backed by a reference implementation using a meta-modeling infrastructure, a reference Datomic framework, a reference GraphQL framework, and a sample application running on Datomic Cloud/Ion and exposing a fully-functional GraphQL interface.