Designing A Central Bank Digital Currency And Building Healthcare On Blockchain




Designing a Central Bank Digital Currency and Building Healthcare on Blockchain

9 January 2019


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The meetup will be at One Kew Road, on the first floor. We will start at 6:30pm with the first talk at 6:45pm.

This month we have the following two talks:

- Dr Mark Perry (Brunel University) - Designing a useful Distributed Ledger-based Central Bank Digital Currency

Dr Mark Perry works at Brunel University, with interests in mobile and ubiquitous technology, digital money, and the fintech industry. He currently holds a Royal Society Kan Tong Po International Fellowship looking at digital money and fintech in China.

Andrew Haldane, the Chief Economist at BoE has asked of the blockchain, "Whether a variant of this technology could support central bank-issued digital currency is very much an open question. So, too, is whether the public would accept it as a substitute for paper currency. Central bank-issued digital currency raises big logistical and behavioural questions too. How practically would it work?" The talk will address this topic. In it, Mark will talk about the 'Smart Money' project involving a collaboration with the Bank of England, the ONS and GCHQ to explore how the UK might develop a Distributed Ledger based Central Bank Digital Currency that meets practical needs across multiple stakeholders - from government departments, banks and financial services, crime and security agencies, to ordinary citizens. His role in the project is to explore 'social utility': exploring issues of acceptability, trustworthiness, anticipated value and relevance, usefulness and complexity in implementations of digital currency solutions, and considering their implications for design.

- Mo Tayeb (co-founder of Medicalchain) - Building a borderless Healthcare Society on Blockchain Technology

Medicalchain is an organisation using blockchain technology to create products and services that enable patient-centric, borderless healthcare. Its mission is to empower patients to take greater control of their health by transforming how they communicate and connect with healthcare practitioners. Mo Tayeb, co-founder of Medicalchain will show how health records can be digitised and patients can be empowered by this technology.