Designing For Emerging Technologies




Designing for Emerging Technologies

7 November 2018


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The event presents a night of networking and discussion on the design and usability of... technologies that are just beginning to break out of an emerging state and stand to have substantial disruptive potential across industries; technologies that will have the biggest impact on your ability to win, serve and retain users whose expectations of service through technology are only going up.

The discussion will be useful for User Experience professionals, students and enthusiasts; entrepreneurs, startups and established companies; technologists and investors who want to be informed of emerging user interfaces that offer new feature sets for interacting with computing experiences; beyond point, type, and touch.

We are pleased to be hosting the following speakers/startups to share their stories with us:

  • Antton Pena is the Founder and Product Lead of Flock, a London-based, VC- and Government-backed insurtech startup, pioneering the use of Big Data to intelligently price insurance. Flock has formed a global partnership with Allianz, the world's largest aviation insurer, to launch their first product 'Flock Cover': a pay-as-you-fly insurance and safety app for drone pilots. Antton will talk about how at Flock they use data to quantify and minimise the risk of flying robots (drones), powered by sleek and easy to use interfaces that help users understand how to make their drone flights safer.
  • Doug Sillars is a Freelance Developer Advocate/Solutions Architectand a Google Developer Expert. Previously a Principal Architect on Mobile Application Performance at AT&T for a period of 9 years. His book, High Performance Android Apps was published by O'Reilly in the fall of 2015. Doug will discuss two topics including: It's Time To Stop Stalling: Video Streaming Performance and You - How streaming works and how to optimize for the best customer results; and Fast & Beautiful Images - The best ways to build images for all of the screens/devices that are out there.
  • Daniel G. Cabrero is a User Researcher Consultant with 20+ years of work experience and he possesses a PhD in Computing, Technology and Sociotechnical Design - Intercultural Communication via Personas. Daniel has studied the persona phenomenon in enough depth to discuss Generating Personas across Cultures: Emerging Tech in Emerging Markets Begins Here. A discussion we deemed important due to (1) the widespread use of the persona artefact in the design of technology, (2) because many of us have used or are using personas at one point of another in our projects, (3) due to the challenges and benefits personas provide, (4) because Daniel has recently carried out -and successfully- defended a PhD thesis on the persona artefact, and (5) because 2019 celebrates the 20th anniversary since personas became mainstream in IxD/HCI. Daniel's discussion will also inform us to consider generating personas together with end-users across cultures via co-design & storytelling as a lean approach that is grounded in qualitative, iterative research. Several of Daniel's publications on the Persona topic is available here.
  • George Charnley is a UX Designer at Artos Systems Ltd - provider of Artos SaaS, an innovative ticketing technology with Blockchain that provides organisations that develop, supply or use ticketing solutions with smart control, security, and fair ecosystem. They ensure the delivery of tools, blockchain API connectivity and analytics via SaaS to businesses involved in the ticketing supply chain, including Promoters, Venues, and Primary and Secondary Ticketing Agents. George is a T-shaped designer with an end-to-end skillset and special interest in research/data driven design. He is currently immersing himself into designing for the blockchain and he will be discussing the current User Experience of interacting with Decentralised Apps on the blockchain, the problems that designers are facing in the industry right now, and how they are solving them. George's portfolio containing case studies of some of his works is accessible here.
  • Lola Oyelayo-Pearson is a Product Strategist at Chainspace and a seasoned usability expert who specialises in helping businesses and teams navigate the complex world of digital product development. She's currently focused on the emergent practices of design and research around decentralised services. Lola will be talking about the challenges of identifying the right utilities and the future services for blockchain platforms.