DesignOps New York – Scaling User Experience Research




DesignOps New York – Scaling User Experience Research

10 October 2019

New York

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Recently, McKinsey’s published the report “The Business Value of Design” highlights two critical aspects that organizations in any industry need to consider:

> 40% of companies don’t talk to customers
> 56% don’t measure design impact

At the heart of these findings we encounter designers and researchers that struggle to get buy-in from the stakeholders and product teams they are working with to get customers involved in the product development lifecycle. In many cases, after launch, executives and stakeholders wonder why their products are not embraced in the marketplace.

In this panel, we will discuss perspectives with research leaders and practitioners from a wide range of industries. They will share stories from the field, including their struggles and challenges as well as stories of successful UX research programs.


6:00 PM: Arrive
6:30 PM: Intro
6:45 PM: Panel
8:00 PM: Mingle
8:30 PM: End


Megan Blocker, McKinsey – Megan Blocker leads user research for Technology & Digital, McKinsey. As a founding member of the Firm’s Design & Innovation team, she has spent the last four years building a crack team of researchers and strategists, developing and instilling best practices in design research and product strategy across the organization, and building a broad portfolio of methods and approaches for engaging users in the creation and selection of technology for the Firm. She spent her various past lives as a product manager, financial services recruiter, and amateur food writer.

Natalie Connors, Chase – Natalie is the Head of UX Research for Digital Wealth Management at JPMorgan Chase, and leads the team responsible for developing the digital client experience vision, delivering products and services that help people manage their financial health and wellbeing. Natalie and her team use design thinking and storytelling to bring the research to life. Her team’s work reveals that banking isn’t just about numbers—it’s about the emotional relationship between people and their money. Over her career, Natalie has established and led diverse in-house UX research teams across industries, both locally and internationally.

Dana Chrisfield, Etsy – Dana is a User Experience and Design Researcher helping companies and product teams to seek out and incorporate human perspectives in the process of delivering software. Dana believes that by embracing human-centered, data-informed approaches, and a mindset of continuous learning, we can generate the smart insights that let us transform our designs, our products, and our interactions with customers into something amazing.

Joseph Kramer, JPMorgan – Joseph has experience leading and facilitating multi-disciplinary teams through each stage of the design process. He has successfully proposed, obtained funding and led multiple “First of a Kind” research projects. Joseph is passionate about taking complex and technical problems and translating them into business relevant, user accessible solutions.

Michele Marut, CBRE – Michele leverages research to inform and enable teams to make the overall user experience as easy, intuitive, and delightful as possible. She has worked on both hardware and software across a variety of industries for companies leading and facilitating design thinking workshops and lean experiments. Michele is currently building up a research practice and establishing research operations.

Jose Coronado, JPMorgan – (facilitator) Jose has experience working as a design consultant and in-house design leader. He works with design teams to help them amplify the strategic impact of their work, and with companies to help maximize the value of their investment in design. Jose is currently building a Design Operations team where he is focusing on providing the support people and their path for growth, the processes and tools they need and shaping the culture to make great things happen.