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DevOps Live

21 - 22 March 2018


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DevOps is going nowhere fast. It’s going everywhere faster!

Most IT professionals no longer squirm and bemuse at the term DevOps, a stark contrast to even 24 months ago, as the use and value of the DevOps culture continues to permeate IT organisations around the world. The spinal properties of DevOps - speed, agility and teamwork – make this practice a dream for every professional involved in application delivery, software updates and infrastructure change. No surprises then that both enterprise and service providers are increasingly relying on DevOps to boost their competitive edge and enhance offerings.

In fact, according to Gartner, 25% of top Global 2000 companies rely on DevOps as a key tool to maintain and win market share. A number forecasted to grow significantly over the next 12 months. 

DevOps Live with Docker, is the largest and most comprehensive gathering for the UK DevOps community which hosted DevOps specialists, buyers and influencers at our launch in March 2017. DevOps Live with Docker, is now established as the premium UK platform for any DevOps thought leader or vendor who want to be seen, heard, understood and, ultimately, grow in the DevOps space.