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Digital DNA

18 - 19 June 2019


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Our mission is very simple; to encourage and support the growth of all things digital and to keep digital technology at the forefront of people’s minds.

Digital Technology is part of all our lives and we want leading digital companies, fast-growing enterprises, blue-chip organisations,  SMEs & Startups to share their knowledge and ideas, overcome the challenges and realise the opportunities to transform the digital landscape.

We do this by bringing together as many great people as we possibly can, from all industry sectors and disciplines, in a vibrant and energetic environment. We don’t do round tables and notepads; Instead, we create immense, collaborative events that act as dynamic gatherings. Whether it’s in a bustling marketplace, co-working space, rooftop lounge, museum or even a cathedral, our events combine relevant and exciting content from world class speakers with casual networking opportunities, resulting in business happening in a much less imposing way.