Digital People In Peterborough




Digital People in Peterborough

5 June 2019


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Whether you're fascinated by generative art or keen to find out how Agile processes can help in your next website project - or even both - this month's DPiP will (hopefully) leave you inspired and armed with new knowledge.

We'll have our usual two talks with a break in between all starting at 7pm so please arrive early, buy a drink (and cake) and grab a seat.


In her talk, Madhu will showcase some of the generative art she's worked on, the creative process behind the works and discuss the links between algorithms and visual language.

Jon's talk is essential for anyone involved in planning websites and will explore how to use an agile approach when planning your next website. Agile puts the user right at the heart of the site, prioritising information architecture, user experience and website functionality. Touching on user profiles, site objectives and KPIs, Jon will talk us through the crucial scoping phase of a website project.