Digital People In Peterborough




Digital People in Peterborough

26 March - 3 April 2019


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So, you build websites. Or maybe you run a website, or maybe you just visit websites. Whichever of these sounds like you, you won't want to miss Tim Nash's talk on website security.

Everyone should be a little bit worried about the security of their site, and at conferences lots of security talks focus on practical steps people can take. In this talk, Tim will flip the norms and instead focus on several real examples of sites being hacked but from the attackers perspective.
We will see the whole attacks from the bad actors view identifying targets, analysing vulnerable sites, adding payload, exploiting in doing so showing how sites are infected, how some tools do prevent certain attacks and how clever and indeed not so clever bad actors can circumvent lots of hardening done.

Each step we can analyse what could have been put in place to prevent and frustrate the attack and then look at how this can be implemented on your site.

Our second talk this month is from DPiP regular, Dr Andreas Korn from University College London. Andreas will share his experiences with past and ongoing research at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other particle physics experiments along with the instrumentation and computing needed to understand the fascinating world of the microcosm.

Because the topic of the LHC alone isn't enough, Andreas will also discuss some highlights of big data analysis in the context of the Centre for Doctoral Training in data-intensive science at UCL.