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Digital Women in Tech

8 November 2018


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Are you a woman interested in DevOps or QA but put off by the lack of diversity in the Tech industry?

The tech industry needs multifaceted individuals who have a diverse set of skills, both technical and social – not just a mug with a tech motto. Male or female, knowing your agile methodologies from your waterfall makes you a valuable asset in the field of tech.

Our meetup group aims to support women interested in technology. We want you to make your mark, and we’re hoping this group will help you on your mission!

We will run technical hands-on sessions with some of the emerging and popular DevOps tools so you have access to all the exciting tech heading our way. We also hope to provide a platform that inspires our members to share and collaborate knowledge – teamwork makes the dreamwork after all!

Our Groups Values:

* To provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for women interested in technology to learn new technologies and socialise with other women with similar interests
* To provide a community with practical hands-on examples using some of the latest DevOps and QA tools
* To meet like-minded Techies and share each other’s experiences
* To collaborate in an environment where we bring our ideas to life and learn how these technologies work

Hands-on with Cypress

Are you tired of setting up complicated test frameworks where you have to install a lot of dependencies? Or maybe you want a test framework that can be debugged easily? Or maybe you just want to learn something awesome and different??

The future of end-to-end testing is here! Meet Cypress.

In this playground, we will look at what Cypress is and how it’s different from existing tools such as Selenium. We’ll look at its benefits and importantly, we will show you how to write your first ever Cypress test and build up a test framework.

A few things to keep in mind:

• Prior knowledge of test automation is not required but basic coding in JavaScript/Node.js will help
• As this is a hands-on, please remember to bring your laptop
• Food and drinks will be provided