Directives And Strategies: Securing GraphQL




Directives and strategies: securing GraphQL

6 November 2018


Added 13-Feb-2023

JS Roundabout #17 will take place at Trint's brand new office space near Aldgate East, where we'll be discussing GraphQL.

Firstly, we will be hearing two separate Graph-QL related talks from Trint. James Henshaw will be giving a talk entitled 'Directives and Strategies: Securing GraphQL'. This talk will be a brief guide to how the team at Trint went about securing their GraphQL endpoints through the use of GraphQL directives and an authorisation strategy pattern for adding granularity and modelling access control levels.

Secondly, we will hear a talk from Stuart Bourhill, entitled 'Yet Another Form Library'. This talk will be a brief walkthrough using YAFL (a form library for React: reflecting Stuart's experience building an open source library.

We will then hear from John Maxwell, of Music Glue, who will be giving a talk entitled 'GraphQL - 20 Billion requests later'. 3 years ago John gave a talk about how Music Glue were embracing GraphQL across their entire estate. After 3 years and countless requests later, what have they learned, what are they still doing and where are they going from here?

Pizza and beer/wine/soft drinks will be provided as usual - look forward to seeing you all there!


6:00pm - Arrival, networking, food and drinks!

6:40pm - James Henshaw (Trint) - 'Directives and Strategies: Securing GraphQL'.

7:05pm - Stuart Bourhill (Trint) - 'Yet Another Form Library'

7:30pm - John Maxwell (Music Glue) - 'GraphQL - 20 Billion requests later'

8:00pm - Networking and drinks

8:20pm - Pub