Diversity Matters - Public Speaking Workshop




Diversity Matters - Public Speaking Workshop

20 August 2019


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Are you part of an underrepresented or marginalised group?

Would you like to speak at tech conferences and events, but you’re not sure where to start?

The Hoppers would love to see more underrepresented people in our community speaking publicly, so this event is aimed at doing just that.

We will be hosting a panel of experts who have experience of hosting and speaking at Developer, QA Testing, InfoSec and general Tech conferences and events. They will give advice on how to engage with conferences and events, submit Calls for Papers and prepare for public speaking.

Then there will be a workshop on how to create bios, abstracts, prepare for talks and workshops and present on the day.

Finally we will host lighting talks with honest feedback for anyone who wants practice speaking in front of a friendly and supportive audience. Talks will be capped at 10 mins and you are welcome to bring slides.

With BSides Manchester just around the corner this could be a great chance to practice!

For refreshments we will have the usual Hoppers Pot Luck, so please feel free to bring food and/or drinks to share (kitchen facilities are limited so something cold like a cheese board or bread and humus is ideal).

The event space has disables access and toilet facilities. Children are welcome if accompanied. This is an inclusive event with a Code of Conduct. If anyone has any special requirements please let us know.

Men as well as women, those who identify as women and non binary are welcome at this event.