Economics Of Blockchain & Smart Contracts In Esports & Gaming




Economics of Blockchain & Smart Contracts in Esports & Gaming

4 September 2019


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"Blockchain" is a word you have probably started hearing regularly. If you've wondered what all the hype is about and how useful it actually is... join us in hearing from startups at the cutting edge of this technology.

  • James Bennett, Co-Founder and CEO of BITASSIST - The Economics of blockchains: Using on-chain data to value bitcoin

    The architecture of public blockchains provides us with the unique opportunity to observe usage trends, investor behaviour and utility generated over these decentralised networks. In this talk James will cover bitcoin's usage and discuss how we can use this data to identify the fundamental value of bitcoin and other crypto-assets.


  • Adam Whyte, Founder of EDGE - Get the Edge: Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Esports and Gaming

    Esports has a big issue with the non payment of prize money and poorly drafted contracts. Edge is a new platform that uses LAML to dynamically create contracts whose terms are used to programme smart contracts to automate the payment of prize money in esports.