17 November 2018

New York

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The Empathy Jam is a day-long user research & design hackathon that gets attendees out and talking to New Yorkers, then coming back and designing solutions for them.

Our mission is to make NYC feel like a more connected, supported, and caring place, while spreading the goodness of the user-centered design & problem-solving process!

This year, we are exploring how we can better support our fellow New Yorkers in the area of personal health and safety.

WHAT IS AN EMPATHY JAM? Think about it. We’ve all felt the effect of missing empathy in our lives, here in New York City and across our nation. Even with hundreds or thousands around us each day, we often don’t connect, and we miss the chance to succeed with one another. Calling developers, researchers, designers, product people, civic activists, prototypers, data heads, and leaders of NYC! Are you looking for a way to make a difference and have fun doing it? Join us!

Come to the Empathy Jam, a research and design event that brings NYC’s residents together to collaborate on new ways to feel connected, supported, and excited about creating our city's future.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? UX professionals, designers, researchers, developers, prototypers, data heads, civic hackers, leaders. We will be creating small pods of people with skills that complement one another, for maximum learning.

WHAT WILL THE DAY BE LIKE? We will present a set of challenge areas at the beginning of the day. Groups of attendees will spend the day working through the phases of research, design, and testing, on a solution to their chosen challenge area, before presenting their learnings to a panel of judges.

9am: Breakfast & Kickoff / Challenges Announced
Morning Session - Research
12:30pm: Lunch
Afternoon Session - Design & Test
5pm: Dinner
Presentations & winners announced.