Endings, Change And Work And Life Transitions




Endings, Change and Work and Life Transitions

10 October 2019


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Endings, Change and Work and Life Transitions

Change is an inevitable part of life and over the course of a lifetime, we will probably experience several significant life transitions. Some of these will be initiated and planned for and others will be totally unplanned. Life changes can include: house moves, getting married, having children, empty nest syndrome, changes in family set-up, changes in health or wellbeing, changes to finances. Work changes can include: promotion, end of a project, change of manager or team members, change of company culture, relocation, mergers and acquisitions.

Whether they are positive or negative changes they have an impact on us as they are often significant transformational moments in our lives.

In this workshop, Kim Morgan will draw on psychological models and literature to share some models and techniques which can be used to help manage the big and small (and inevitable changes) which life throws at us. These include:

- Mapping our change history and how we respond to change
- Our STERBS (short-term energy relieving behaviours)
- Unhelpful responses to change
- How to navigate change – letting go of the old and embracing the new
- Identity and resilience
- Keeping perspective and getting support

Kim Morgan is Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of coaching and coach training. Kim was one of the UK’s first executive business and personal coaches, who has pioneered and led University Accredited Coach Training Courses since 2001.

Kim is an ICF Master Certified Coach, a columnist for Psychologies Magazine and co-author of The Coach’s Casebook: Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us, which she wrote with Geoff Watts.

Kim gave the opening keynote at the Agile Cymru conference in 2015 and has since spoken at a number of Agile meetups and events, as well as teaching the many Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters who have completed the Barefoot Coaching Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching.

Kim Morgan - 6:45 - 7:45 (including Q&A)
Pizza & Networking - 7:45 - 8:30
Close - 8:30