Engaging Digital Communications 2019




Engaging Digital Communications 2019

9 April 2019


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33 Leading Charity, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector & Low Budget Organisations Explore Savvy Social Media, Content, Videos, Digital Targeting Strategies & Future Tech & Trends To Drive User Engagement, Excellent Digital Experiences, Audience Personalisation, Internal Buy-In & Returns, All Whilst Doing More With Less!

  1. Engage With Stand-Out Social Media & Influencer Collaboration: Explore the hottest channels and create outstanding social content that really resonates
  2. Instagram - Social Driver In 2019? Shape your campaigns with the most engaging social platform of the year
  3. Drive Outstanding Digital Experiences: Optimise multi-channel journeys, mobile and device friendly content, and streamlined processes
  4. Captivating Fresh Content To Keep You Ahead Of The Curve: Drive rich media, engage users and boost click-through and conversion rates.
  5. Show-Stopping User Engagement Strategies: Win audience engagement and investment with best-in-class multi-channel communications and digital targeting
  6. On-Trend, On-Budget, Creative Video: Bring campaigns to life!
  7. Winning On A Budget: Do more with less and make big wins with digital without breaking the bank
  8. Future Trends, Innovations & Technology: Stay relevant and up to date with seismic consumer shifts
  9. Prove Digital Impact: Meaningful measurement and evaluation for digital today
  10. Embed Digital Internally & Win Buy-In From The Top: Engage, train and win over colleagues and senior management for smooth digital communications