Enterprise Security & Risk Management Summit 2018




Enterprise Security & Risk Management Summit 2018

21 November 2018


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Cyber security is fast becoming one of the most critical issues in the IT world. As an increasing number of businesses are going digital and with cyber criminals becoming far more prolific and dangerous, the need for steadfast cyber security solutions has never been so important.

In order to reduce the risk of these malicious intrusions, businesses need to better understand the issues surrounding cyber security, such as where their weaknesses lie and how to reinforce them, as well as why businesses are becoming more and more susceptible to such an onslaught of progressively sophisticated attacks. It is also of vital importance that your personnel are sufficiently educated in the protection measures available, so as to further ensure maximum protection of your organisation.

Computing's Enterprise Security & Risk Management Summit is a well-established event that will be in its fourth year in 2017. It attracts high calibre speakers and senior level attendees, as it is a great chance for IT professionals to get some practical tips while also learning from the mistakes and expertise of their esteemed peers. Comprised of expert keynotes, end-user case studies and panel debates, this summit will cover how to choose the right cyber security strategy, building cyber security culture and awareness and how to protect yourself from ransomware. It will also address key cyber security trends, including cloud security, security of the Internet of Things, application of machine learning and the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation.