Era Of Intelligent Construction Jobsites




Era of Intelligent Construction Jobsites

11 September 2018

New York

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We are excited to announce the launch of, an intelligence IoTsystem that enhances a construction company’s ability to analyze their daily workforce and compare it to the actual progress onsite. Helping construction teams optimize crews, take proactive steps to ensure their projects finish on-time and each worker’s time onsite is not wasted. Skilled workers are scarce these days' and making sure a project is firing on all cylinders is critical to mitigating non-productive time.


We'll also be having a guest panel of construction experts speaking on Advancing Construction Technology for Productivity and Safety focused on the NYC market.

6:00 pm - Happy Hour & Networking

6:30 pm - Meeting Starts

  • 10 Minutes - Founders & Guest Speakers Intros
  • 10 Mintues - What is
  • 15 Minutes - Panel Discussion
  • 15 Minutes - Audience Q&A

7:20 pm - Wrap-up

  • 30 Minutes - More networking

7:50 pm - Close

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