Erlang And Elixir's Worst Kept Secret




Erlang and Elixir's worst kept secret

12 March 2019


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# Schedule
18:30 - Doors open + mingling
19:00 - First talk. Immutability for Scale and Resilience - Erlang and Elixir's worst kept secret with Francesco Cesarini
19:30 - Short break
19:40 - Second talk to be announced! 🤫

# About Immutability for Scale and Resilience
The functional paradigm has been influencing mainstream languages for decades, making developers more efficient whilst helping reduce maintenance costs. As we are faced with a programming model that needs to scale on multi-core architectures and distributed environments, concurrency becomes critical. In these concurrency models, immutability, a key feature of functional programming paradigm will become even more evident. To quote Simon Peyton Jones, future concurrent languages will be functional; they might not be called functional, but the features will be. In this talk, we explain why!