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ExpertTalks Cambridge

6 March 2019


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Wanna learn more about Blockchain Technology, then please join us for a great introduction to it. We'll also have food and drinks!

Speakers: Andy Gray & James Morgan - software developers at Equal Experts

Andy has over 20 years commercial experience developing enterprise IT systems and is now primarily focussed on emerging Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Co-founder of,, and Organiser of Blockchain Manchester.

James has over 10 years experience in the tech industry. He is a passionate full stack senior software engineer. As an experienced Agile practitioner, he is always striving to produce the highest quality of software always looking to implement industry standards delivered on time and in budget. Co-founder of

Their talk today will be: "Introduction to Blockchain Technology"

With interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies going through the roof, Blockchain, the technology behind it, has never been more relevant. But how does it work?

This talk is a technical introduction to Blockchains.
What are they?
How are they different from traditional architecture?
What makes them unique?
It also dives into Smart Contracts, explaining how you can encapsulate logic on the Blockchain, and wraps up with examples of real-world applications currently being developed and in-use.