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Filmmaking hackathon

17 May 2018


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Data-driven storytelling

Increasing amounts of data exists about us, but data literacy is not widespread. How can personalised video stories be crafted to present data to the public in an inclusive and engaging manner? What stories can be told with data and how will you craft a data-driven narrative?

Personalized and interactive documentaries such as Do Not Track, and Netwars demonstrate the potential for video based storytelling to tackle substantive topics such as privacy, the web economy and cyberwarfare.

This will be a hands-on session building working prototypes of personalised video stories and developing innovative scenarios and use-cases for this emergent medium. Over the course of the weekend we will explore different data-driven approaches to creating personalised narratives and devise new ways to support public engagement with data.

Presented by the EPSRC funded Perspective Media project (Personalised Video Storytelling for Data Engagement), the event will provide a space for exploring how personalized, interactive video stories can provide more accessible, informative and pleasurable ways for the public to engage with the increasing amounts of data that exist about us in modern society. The hackathon is part of this wider research project and offers us a chance to learn more about how individuals make data-driven stories. 

Project partners

  • BBC R&D
  • The Open Data Institute
  • The Digital Catapult
  • City of York Council
  • BAFTA-winning immersive media producer Catherine Allen

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in data-driven, non-linear and innovative modes of storytelling. Do you produce video content to tell engaging stories? Do you understand challenges associated with data literacy and accessibility? Are you a coding ninja? Open data maestro? A Data wrangler? Do you know how to extract patterns and insights from large datasets? If so, we want you along!

In particular we encourage:

  • Students of Interactive Media / Data Journalism /Film & Television Production
  • User Experience & Interaction Designers
  • Filmmakers
  • Data Scientists & Data Engagement specialists

Why you should attend

This will be an exciting opportunity to experiment with an emergent form of interactive data-driven storytelling and get hands on experience of using object based media tools and libraries created by the University of York and BBC R&D.

There will be concept development and feedback sessions with experts in interactive media to help you create something exciting. There is also the possibility for ongoing support and development of a successful prototype created during the hackathon.