Freelancing In Tech While Trans And/or Queer




Freelancing in Tech while Trans and/or Queer

1 October 2018

New York

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Freelancing can be fun; freelancing can be a horrible. Freelancing can be lucrative; freelancing can be make you broke. Freelancing can give you freedom; freelancing can give you nightmares. If you're trans, queer, or part of an under-represented group in tech, freelancing can be all of these things plus a whole lot more.

In this hands on workshop, Jade, the founder and CEO of Data Automatica, a tech consultancy and 1-person collective that does not legally exist yet, is going to share with you their secrets to success as a queer/transgender freelancer. They'll cover ways to protect yourself from abusive clients, how to negotiate "like a man" (whatever your gender may be!), and strategies on how to thrive as an outsider working in a toxic industry.

The workshop will draw from their experiences in tech, but will cover topics like negotiating and interviewing that are applicable to other industries as well as to people pursuing full time employment instead of contracts.