Full Stack Hack




Full Stack Hack

26 April 2018


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MongoDB, Confluent and Nearform present you a one day Hackathon, Full Stack Hack.

Full Stack Hack is a Hackathon where you get a chance to build a full stack application in one day using the top technology stack for today’s modern web applications specifically MongoDB, Kafka and Node.js. On the 27th of April 80 people will form up into teams of 3-5 people to compete for the prize of Top Full Stack Hack team.


The event starts on the 26th with team pitches. Don’t have a team? This is where you can join one. Already have a team? This is where you declare your intentions. Free pizza, beer and soft drinks on the night will ensure that nobody goes hungry or thirst.


On the 27th doors open at 8.00am. Breakfast will be laid on and then it’s Hack time. Snacks, soft drinks and coffee will be available throughout the day and we will provide lunch and something to eat after the event.

Formal event will complete at 6.00pm followed by drinks at a local watering hole.

This is your chance to have a fun day, learn from your peers and build something great.