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Future Stars of Tech

27 June 2019


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There is no more exciting industry to be part of today than technology. Innovation shapes everything we do, and it is improving lives and driving transformation in the business world faster than ever. The world’s most influential companies are tech-driven.

But despite efforts from employers, educators and government to make technology more inclusive, female participation remains stubbornly low. Women occupy just 16% of IT jobs in the UK and make up less than 14% of CIOs, less than 10% of tech CEOs and less than 5% of board directors at tech firms.

This lack of diversity is having critical implications on innovation and decision-making, and paints an off-putting image for young women thinking of joining the industry at a time when a digital skills shortage exists across the UK. For this to change, employers must recognise their female rising stars and nurture them into senior leadership.

By identifying and promoting the industry’s top female career climbers, Future Stars of Tech presents a tomorrow where diversity is a positive force, not a challenge, in the world of technology. By boosting the visibility of female talent in the first eight years of their career, the initiative provides a platform for encouraging young people to follow in their footsteps while tackling the biggest issues holding back diversity in the technology industry.

From the company behind the Women in IT Awards (world’s largest tech diversity event), Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders Today (technology’s largest careers fair for female university students and early graduates) and Information Age (leading business-technology website), Future Stars of Tech unveils a generation of female tech leaders that will be unmatched by any previous generation in its diversity of people, strategic thinking and innovation.