Future Thinking In Digital Marketing MeetUp




Future Thinking in Digital Marketing MeetUp

24 April 2018


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2017 was the year when Blockchain technology burst into the public consciousness. Even beyond the startling rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we became aware of how a range of markets could be transformed by applications built on the technology.

But as with any emerging technology that suddenly gains fame and begins to be applied across real-world use cases, issues have emerged around the underlying characteristics of blockchain – many of which will be focus of this evening discussion and debate. Chief among these concerns is scalability. That being said, the existence of these issues serves as a marker of just how far blockchain has come. Tech leaders now posit that it could underpin the next phase of the internet, creating the decentralized world wide web network

We will be inviting a panel of experts to discuss Blockchain, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings and all the topical issues surrounding the subject and debate the future for 2018 and beyond. Please join us

Speakers to announced shortly. Hope you can join us on the evening of Wednesday, 25th April 2018