GAME:UP Spring Event




GAME:UP Spring Event

22 May 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

We have lift-off! More details to follow.

Pizza and beer will be provided.


Peter Tillotson
Acumed Consulting

Peter has been interested in data and how to use it since he was a boy. Having earned a PhD in electronic communications (specialising in machine learning for internet traffic routing), Peter spent over 16 years working for various consultancy firms, delivering technical solutions to that banking, social media, e-sports and gaming industries. His claim to fame is his analytics work on one of the biggest large-scale distributed computer games in the world (we won’t tell you which one). Peter is also a world class specialist in creating algorithms that work hard & fast on big problems, and helping businesses use that data to make better decisions. He regularly presents at conferences and is an avid believer in sharing experience and insights with others.