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Game without Thrones - Agile organisation

20 June 2019


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Have you always wanted to know and understand how agile organizations really work? Then come and play with us, the Game without Thrones.

‘A Game without Thrones’ is a playful, intense, hands-on simulation, the key training game in our XBA course, live and for free! It’s without thrones because of the self-organization rules.

We use Lego to teach you how Agile Organizations work, with no command and control, but instead chapter meetings, tribal treaties, small councils, Leadership as a Service. The game aligns autonomous teams into self-managing streams, and the wit and wisdom of Wildlings …

No prior knowledge needed. Come get your hands dirty building castles and fighting dragons with us in this mindset-expanding simulation.

And since “geographically dislocated teams” is the new norm, we are going to try an experiment and partner with one (or even two) teams in France to run a “multisite” version of GwoT.

So come and join us for a first-time-ever “multi-site” Game without Thrones. Or just come for the Lego …