GamesUR 2018




gamesUR 2018

30 November 2018


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Develop better video games using player data and player psychology. GamesUR is a day-long event of knowledge-sharing for video game professionals leveraging games user research (gamesUR): user testing, game analytics, user experience (UX) processes.

Our content includes talks on playtesting approaches, building an internal games UX team, novel research methods, learnings from analytics and big data, UX process, and much more.

No major game studio is developing without a 'user experience' or 'player insight' team; join us at #gamesUR in London to meet, listen and learn more about this exciting game development discipline.

Returning for our fourth year in Europe, the gamesUR conference will host ~200 professionals at the forefront of player-centric game development, previously hosting talks and attendees from Sony, Microsoft, Riot Games, Ubisoft, EA Games, Tencent, Rovio, Wargaming, and hundreds more.

Attendees are invited to:

  • Explore Games User Research and UX as a professional discipline

  • Hear from the UX/UI experts inside the world's most successful games companies

  • Learn from success stories in player insight and data science

  • Network with Europe's video games research and games UX community

  • Join us at the evening social event


This event is suitable for game developers of all disciplines wanting insight into the cutting-edge of games user research.