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Gartner Summit

21 - 22 May 2018


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Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation 

The race is on! Digital business is having a profound impact on how organizations develop and pursue new technology-enabled business models. Today, 64% of CEOs view that "digital and IT" will drive business innovation. In response, 54% of CIOs report that they are designing and delivering digital business initiatives and 15% report that they are already scaling and harvesting the rewards of these efforts. Do you know what your management needs to make high impact business and technology investment decisions? Are you going to lead digital business evolution and transformation, or follow?

70% of your peers are either taking responsibility or accountability for the success of digital business. To be an EA and technology innovation leader today, you must scale your role to meet your organization’s digital business expectations in the future—and you must act now or risk being left behind.Gartner Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit, 22-23 May, in London, UK is the best place to make this move! Here you will explore the business strategies, technologies, leadership skills, tools, and techniques required for EA leadership—and learn how to apply those insights to your own organization’s goals and needs. View summit overview: it's all about the details