Generating Change Without Generating Resistance




Generating Change without Generating Resistance

13 November 2019


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In your work as an Agile Leader, Agile Coach or Scrum Master, do people ever resist change?

Do they just want things to stay the same? Are they sceptical about the specific changes you propose? Or do they say yes but never actually make the changes you’ve agreed?

Whatever your experience….. Would you like quicker and easier ways to make change happen?

In this workshop we’ll explore an Agile way to generate change without generating resistance. It’s called “Solutions Focused Brief Coaching”, and it’s quite possibly the most powerful Agile tool you’ve never heard of!

We’ll cover:
• Is it even possible to have Change without Resistance?
• Examples of Change we’d like to bring about
• Waterfall Change and Agile Change
• The Zone of Productive Change – and how to expand it
• A 7 step model for Generating Change without generating Resistance

This is a practical workshop, so please bring along a live example of change you’re wanting to generate – where there either is or could be some resistance.

As we go through the workshop you’ll be applying the model to your specific example, generating new perspectives and possible action steps. The aim is that by the end of the workshop you’ll have identified a small step you can take back at work to really make a difference.