Geoff Watts Presents: ORGANIC Agility




Geoff Watts presents: ORGANIC Agility

29 May 2019


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ORGANIC agility™ expresses in a single word the fact that being agile, or becoming more agile, requires a more holistic view of an organisation, which goes beyond teams, practices, or frameworks

Becoming agile should not be a goal, but rather a means to achieve something else, to fulfill a vision or accomplish a mission. An agile organisation goes beyond having agile teams delivering value.

At an organisational level, agility can provide a means for the organisation to change direction very quickly at a very low cost and become resilient.

ORGANIC agility™ enables organisations to become ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Resilience is the capability that all organisations in the market today need to develop, and agility provides a set of values and principles that helps an organisation achieve it.