Getting Started With Azure Kubernetes Service




Getting started with Azure Kubernetes Service

9 May 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Let's face it Kubernetes is hard. YAML is not fun and just getting started can feel overwhelming. With Azure Kubernetes Service you get all the power of Kubernetes without the operational overhead of running it yourself. Spend a session learning the basics of Kubernetes and getting started with Azure Kubernetes Service.

IMPORTANT: Your RSVP with full name is required to add your name to the building security guest list.


6:00PM - NETWORKING: Doors open, head to the room identified when you check in. Take the opportunity to mingle with your fellow community developers. We recommend you bring your own food or grab a bite before the meetup.

6:30PM - INTRODUCTION: Housekeeping, open mic and other community announcements & request.


Jason L. van Brackel is an engineer, speaker, blogger and organizer and the Director of Community at Rancher Labs. As a software developer and architect, he builds systems on a variety of platforms including .NET, Java, and now Kubernetes on bare metal and cloud environments.

His personal focus is using technologies like Kubernetes to assist organizations developing next-generation-cloud-native strategies, while also supporting existing legacy and monolithic application investments.

In addition to his work with Rancher Labs, he is also the organizer of the Kubernetes Philly Meetup, hosting presenters to educate and grow the Kubernetes community.