Git Deep Dive And Reading Matters For .NET Developers




Git Deep Dive and Reading Matters for .NET Developers

5 December 2019


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Git Deep Dive
Git is now the de facto version control tool - most developers use it every day. But it's notoriously difficult to harness its full potential and most of us only end up scratching the surface of what it can do. In this talk, we dive under the covers of git, and take a look at the surprisingly simple and elegant design hidden within. With this knowledge, we'll be better equipped to make sense of the sometimes enigmatic tooling. We'll then step back and a look at some techniques to harness the power of git and Powershell together to help us understand more about source code under git's control.

Reading Matters for .NET Developers
What are your favourite technology books of all time?
What was the last technology book you read?

When I ask that question in job interviews, I usually get a politely embarrassed response mentioning blog posts, or Pluralsight or twitter. It seems that books have fallen out of favour with many of us - perhaps we feel that with all the pace of technology we just don't have the time?

In this talk I will:
- Explain why books should be an essential part of your learning approach.
- Share my "must reads" for .NET developers - and invite you share yours.
- Break books down in the four essential categories I think you should explore.
- Explain how to get the best from a technical book in the shortest possible time.