Global Private Banking Conference 2019




Global Private Banking Conference 2019

21 February 2019


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Euromoney and IMN are pleased to invite you to our 2nd Annual Global Private Banking conference. This day-long event returns to London on 21st February 2019 and will again host influencers and thought leaders from the world’s leading private banks, wealth managers and service providers.

We look forward to continuing our exploration of how seismic changes in demography and technology will continue to drive and change the private banking space. Our featured experts will provide insights to an audience of peers, as to how they are transforming their businesses internally, and which opportunities they are pursuing and their views on the direction of the industry as a whole.

Last year, we asked our experts and audience how an organization can continue to evolve and thrive. This year we ask not how to play catch up, but how to lead. The quality of an organization’s leadership, their vision, resolve and adaptability can be the deciding factors of success or where a bank falls short. Last year we asked how banks should respond to a changing world, this year we ask how banks should shape the future.

In a world of limited choices and time, Euromoney & IMN's Global Private Banking conference creates a unique forum for ideas, leaders and industry colleagues to gather in a selective setting and exchange ideas, opinions, develop relationships and gather actionable intelligence. We ask you to join us again in London for an unmissable day, with insights unlikely to be gleaned elsewhere from executives who are leading their banks forward.