Golang NYC Meetup




Golang NYC Meetup

19 August 2019

New York

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Join the Go Language NYC group in a round of talks by local community members looking to share their stories.

All experience levels in public speaking and Go programming are welcome to give a talk!

Submit Your Talks-
You! Yes, you can speak about your favorite Go topic if you like.

A round of full-length talks, followed by lightning talks.

6:30pm - Arrive, socialize, and eat
7:00pm - Talks begin
8:30pm - More socializing
9:00PM - Venue closes

Talk #1
Introduction to SVGo, Anthony Starks
The talk will start with SVGo examples, explore the API, take time sketching, and finally work through an example connecting SVGo with external APIs.

It’s useful for students exploring programming and other subjects to get immediate feedback, and the concept of “sketching” – trying out concepts and tweaking examples is a powerful tool for learning and exploring. This workshop will use a browser-based tool, svgplay to teach graphics and visualization concepts (generative art, color, repetition, shapes, relationships, layout, typography), using short Go programs (25-60 lines of code).

I’m the author of SVGo, with a keen interest in design and its relationship to programming. I love to turn data into pictures I’ve discussed these topics at meetups (NYC), and other venues dotGo 2015 

Talk #2
Whats new in go 1.13, Filippo Valsorda
Like every go release we will get to know whats new and improved in go 1.13 from none other that Filippo Valsorda himself.

I'm a cryptography and software engineer. I do cryptography and security on the Go team at Google. Read more about what I do and how we might know each other.