Growing An Agile Leadership Culture




Growing an Agile Leadership Culture

24 January 2019


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Evolvagility is a methodology for growing agile leadership that is based on two fundamental premises. First, it presumes leadership as an everywhere phenomenon—as a systemic quality that is as much a part of an organization’s DNA as the subject matter expertise that is at the source of the business which that organization is in. Secondly, Evolvagility is a methodology for growing leadership capability from the inside out—that is, it starts with growing individual consciousness and, from there, the capacity for relationship and, from there, organizational performance.

Building on these two fundamental premises, Evolvagility provides a unique approach to accessing, and growing your capacity for agile leadership from the inside out—that is from the level of consciousness and inner sensemaking which either limits or enhances your capacity for outward facing leadership action. In doing so, it leverages four decades of research in adult human psychology, executive coaching, and human systems dynamics. Evolvagility provides the actual levers and dials to growing yourself—and others—as an agile leader.

This session introduces the unique thinking and framework which informs and underlies Evolvagility and its practices. You will walk away with:

• A way of thinking about agile leadership that emphasizes the systemic, relational, and inner developmental dimension of leadership as is increasingly called for in the ever-more volatile, uncertain and complex world we find ourselves in
• An understanding of deep sensemaking and meaning-making anatomy of mind that underlies and determines an individual’s leadership capacity, and which will help you start to get your hands on the “levers and dials” to growing yourself as an agile leader
• A deeper insight into the nature of agile leadership within the organizational setting and what this entails for the role of organizational managers and leaders

18:00 - 18:45: Meet, Mingle & Pizza
18:45 - 20:00: Talk followed by Q&A
20.00 - 20.30: Networking


Anyone who is sees themselves as an agile leader—or someone who wishes to become one—and would like to have a deeper insight into the deeper anatomy of mind that constitutes leadership agility.