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Hack & Chat

19 November 2018

New York

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In our first hour, we'll be discussing chapter 3 of The Pragmatic Programmer (https://pragprog.com/book/tpp/the-pragmatic-programmer). NYC Ruby Women member Cassie Moy will facilitate. Afterward, we'll continue hacking and chatting.

So! Bring your laptops, Pragmatic Programmer questions, and make new women and non-binary programmer friends in the process!

Light dinner and drinks will be provided, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Paperless Post (https://www.paperlesspost.com/).

NYC Ruby Women is open to women and non-binary people who like the Ruby programming language.

Although we lean toward Ruby, your project can be in any language.

Because we want to keep NYC Ruby Women code and community focused, only coders, no recruiters are allowed at our events — our hosts excepted, of course.