Hack Day: In-Situ Methodologies




Hack Day: In-Situ Methodologies

19 July 2018


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Geographies of Health & Wellbeing

Much recent research in the Geographies of Health and Wellbeing has drawn from a wide range of in-situ and mobile methodologies. Many of these are presented in the literature in a relatively unproblematic way, yet the experience of using such methodologies and their effectiveness in specific settings and with specific participants has produced a rich base of researcher experiences that has considerable value for new and emerging researchers working in this area. Varied approaches, technologies and techniques have been developed and applied across diverse settings, including, for example, geo-narratives, walk/run/bike/swim alongs, mobile and video ethnographies, amongst others.

The ultimate aim of this half-day workshop is to describe these methodologies including honest and open discussions about what does and does not work, and sharing, via a hack approach, tips and advice on how best to utilise these methods for robust and high-quality research in geographies of health and wellbeing. The day will be organised as a set of demonstrations, workshops and discussions with a particular emphasis on shared knowledge and helpful hints. While a number of geographers from universities in the UK and Ireland will lead the workshop, contributions from regular users of in-situ methodologies, and those applying innovative approaches in new research environments, are especially welcome.