Hack Society's Relationship With Alcohol




Hack society's relationship with alcohol

18 May 2018


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Alcohol is an integral part of Scottish life. We use it to socialise, celebrate and console loss. Its use is deeply embedded in our culture. In order to be healthier, we need to change our relationship with alcohol.

Anyone who drinks would probably benefit from drinking a bit less. We can do this by making informed choice about what we drink.

People who are dependent on alcohol or who have recovered from alcohol dependence can be amongst the most marginalised and isolated in society, partly because alcohol is so widely available.

This event is about looking at how technology and data can help change our relationship with alcohol, from prevention through to recovery to enable us all to be healthier and happier.


We'll focus on identified challenges and opportunities such as:

  • The local licensed trade having useful information about what low and no alcohol products are likely to sell well.
  • Local producers of low and no alcohol products having access to market intelligence to help market and pitch their product.
  • Finding places to go that don't serve alcohol to keep safe when you are in recovery.
  • Connecting with others in recovery, particularly when you live in a rural or remote area.

Who should attend?

Anyone – despite our name, coding is a small bit of what we do. Of course, coders, data wranglers, designers and other techies are important to a hack weekend.

We’d be delighted to see you if:

  • You work in the licensed trade, public health, the charitable sector or have experience of the challenges.
  • You have identified a problem with how alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks are marketed, or see an opportunity to do things better!
  • You have an interesting in service design
  • You are interested in creating, or using, open data for public good
  • You work or study in the creative industries
  • You have experience as a tourist in Aberdeen or anywhere else
  • You are someone who wants to do more with data but isn’t sure where to start
  • You are a student (of any discipline)
  • You are someone who wants to improve the local area, or use digital and skills to improve local services
  • You are from the third sector or local government
  • You work with mapping, GIS, or location data
  • You are curious about learning new techniques and skills to use in your day job, and finally
  • And, of course, if you are a developer, designer, UX expert, data wrangler, coders, or service designer

So it's a health hack?

Yes - specifically about society's relationship with alcohol.


The event will run Saturday 9.30am to about 5pm, then Sunday 9.30 to about 4.30pm.

What happens over the weekend?

  • identification of opportunities and barriers
  • ideation to address those
  • creation of project teams to work on those
  • agile prototyping of solutions, so that by close of play Sunday we will have demonstrable solutions which could be developed into real worls products or services.