HACK::SOHO November




HACK::SOHO November

1 November 2018


Added 13-Feb-2023

IOActive invites you to an early November edition of HACK::SOHO, a monthly event at our central London office. Join fellow hackers, tech heads, enthusiasts, and visionaries for food, cold beer, and hot cybersecurity talk.

This edition will take place on Thursday the 1st of November and we are very excited to announce Chris Kubecka, CEO of HypaSec, security researcher, and author of Down the Rabbit Hole an OSINT Journey and upcoming book Hacking the World with OSINT, as our guest speaker.

The first real things Chris ever hacked into were the FBI and the Department of Justice; and at just the age of 10. So, following up with a major career in cybersecurity can’t be a surprise to anyone.

Chris has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of information security. Her career has spanned the US Air Force and Space Command, as well as the private and public sector. She has been featured in the media, including HBO’s cyberwar documentary Hacking the Infrastructure, CNN, Fox News, and other news channels.

Chris regularly lectures as an expert for several markets and governments. She is widely recognized expert on cyber warfare and various types of artificial intelligence for intelligence purposes.

During her talk “Confessions of a Hacker,” Chris will cover the following topics:

  • Child’s play, how easily the Internet, systems, and applications yield vulnerable systems that attack pivot points with OSINT
  • The evolution of targets between IT, IoT, ICS/SCADA systems, and critical infrastructure
  • How the world can be surveilled, exploited, or remotely controlled
  • How to protect your interconnected organization