25 January 2018


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IOActive invites you to the January edition of HACK::SOHO, a monthly event at our central London office. Join fellow hackers, tech heads, enthusiasts, and visionaries for food, cold beer, and hot cybersecurity talk.

The January event features guest speaker Jelena Milosevic, a nurse and independent security researcher. A paediatrician and ICU nurse, Jelena worked for various hospitals in the Netherlands since 1995. She also spent 10 years working in the ICU at the University Children's Hospital in Belgrade.

Active in the InfoSec community, Jelena applies her knowledge of the healthcare world to improving security for both patients and medical staff. For the last three years, Jelena has been a member of I Am The Cavalry and Women in Cyber Security.

During her talk, "The Consequences of Bad Security at Hospitals," Jelena will explain:

  • Why hospitals are attractive targets for criminal hackers
  • Why privacy in healthcare is so important
  • Where the current problems lie, and what is stopping fixes from being implemented
  • The dangers of healthcare apps on mobile devices
  • Privacy solutions for healthcare