Hack The Economy




Hack The Economy

28 March 2018


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We will be bringing together the best data analysts/scientists of three national organisations to spend a day digging into the data to tell us something that we do not know already. This is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself to see how you fare working with / competing against some of the best brains in the country.

Participants will include data scientists from the Bank of England and data analysts from the NAO as well as a number of Fintech companies. So this will be a great opportunity to make new contacts, explore new ideas and show off your skills.

There will be a panel of eminent judges from each organisation to give you feedback and advice.

Participation is free with breakfast and refreshments provided throughout the day.

So come to the NAO and Hack the Economy.

Please also check back for new event updates, partner blogs, engagement event opportunities and new datasets.